Static penetration test seismic piezocone (down-hole) SCPTU 

SCPTU cone is equipped with a triaxial accelerometer to record surface waves generatedin the x, y, z. The down-hole test is aimed primarily at detecting the speed of propagation ofshear waves (S) in its vertical path through a soil mass. Is to generate shear waves through a reversible power source that produces a horizontal shear at the surface of the land and to record the arrival of the impact over a survey CPTU. Being the source of energy near thereceptor survey, detect waves propagate interest in a direction very close to the vertical so it is legitimate to assume a path from the source deirecta sender to the receiver to calculatethe speed of S wave propagation.


To study the behavior of foundations need to know the spring constant, which reacts with the ground in the various modes of vibration of the beds. In all cases, these constants incorporated in the definition of the elastic modulus G Shear area:

G = rVs2

Where Vs is the velocity of shear wave propagation and r is the density of the land including its water content.