Technology in the service of Geotechnics and the Environment 

GEOCPT specializing in geotechnical engineering new technologies in situ (CPTU orpiezocone, Vane Test, Vane Borer, DMT) and environmental analysis in the field (FFDFuel Fluorescence Detection).

We have a highly specialized team with more than 8 years of experience performing all types of esay in situ, and the latest developments in equipment to develop the work withthe quality we require our customers and the standards.

We have a department of R & D in which we work to move forward, where we havedeveloped a team of 20 T static penetrometer on trailer for greater accessibility and allows us to carry out the tests CPTU piezocone, Vane Borer and environmental testing.

GEO CPT is a service business and professional laboratories of geotechnical and engineering studies to supplement traditional tests: dynamic penetrometer light CPTU(piezocone), Vane Test, Vane Borer, DMT (Marchetti flat dilatometer), adapted modulesthe CPTU for environmental analysis such as determination of conductivity and electrical resistivity, determination of oil pollution by fluorescence temperature.

GEOCPT has purchased a seismic piezocone SCPTU or to study the propagation velocity of seismic waves simultaneously with the completion of the piezocone.