1. Electrical or piezocone cone filter in position U2 manufactured by Geo Point with the following range of measures.

          - 0 - 50 MPa of resistance Qc tip can reach up to 100 MPa

          - 0 - 50 MPa for shaft resistance Fs

          - 0 - 4 MPa of pore pressure resistance U

          - 20 ° tilt

2. digital datalogger 12-channel synchronized with data acquisition software geologger.

3. depth encoder sync with the proximity sensor coupled to the head thrust.

4. electrical cable connection between the cone and the datalogger.

5. Datalogger communication cables and other components

6. Push head provided with proximity sensor to activate the encoder deep.

7. Porous filters tip in filter position U2.

8. Filters porous filter tip in position U1.

9. Tip for the position of the filter cone in position U1.